Company Profile: What is IMA?

We are a sales and marketing company based in Hong Kong that helps U.S. companies (usually less than $100 million in turnover) with leading brands take those brands global.  We have very successfully taken brands like Gorilla Glue, HandStands, Meguiar's, Permatex, and Stoner global and have worked with leading multinationals like 3M, Henkel Corporation KGaA, ITW, and Loctite Corporation.  

What sets us apart from manufacturer's representatives or management consultants is that we:

  • Learn your business and benchmark your strengths in your home market.

  • Create strategies focusing on your target end user to build your brand.

  • Work with our well positioned distributors in more than 80 global markets to implement these end user strategies and work them back through distribution channels.

  • Participate in your management team to maximize the focus on the huge opportunity that is international!

  • Have offices in Hong Kong, the UK, and Mexico



2000 IMA Office Opening
Conference Room at the IMA headquarters
2008 Distributors Conference in Hong Kong
15th Anniversary Celebration