Guiding Principles

Pay as you go’: IMA never requires any investment.  We invest in sales and marketing talent to build your brand.

'Marketing/Pull Oriented': Trading/exporting is dead.  Value is created in international markets through activities that connect your brand with loyal end users, who in turn, create pull-through distribution.  IMA creates unique pull-through creative marketing activities.

We run your business just like you would’: IMA does not believe in reinventing the wheel.  We create a turn-key international business for you that in 5-10 years you can take over, including even transitioning the IMA people working in your brand!

'We are fast': We firmly believe it's not the big that eat the small: it's the fast that eat the slow.

'We think Win/Win': We work to find the best outcome in all our dealings with you, with team members, with our customers, and with distribution partners.

'We deliver great value': We run the business in a smart low cost way.  We focus on creating as much selling time as possible at the end user level.