Permatex Corporation

Loctite decided in the early 1990's to dramatically increase their investment in their business in the fast growing Asia/Pacific region. They sent Tom to Hong Kong to develop the Permatex brand in the automotive aftermarket. The business grew at more than 25% per year and Loctite employed more 37 local sales people to drive it.

Permatex Ultra Blue RTV Silicone

PR Placement for Permatex Ultra Blue RTV Silicone stressed its superior oil resistance compared to conventional chemical gasket makers and even cut gaskets. These articles helped build the demand for RTV gasket makers in Asia in the early 1990's. Tom launched this product when he was a product manager at Loctite / Permatex in 1984.

Fast Orange Hand Cleaner

BMW Concessionaires Hong Kong used Fast Orange Hand Cleaner because it was the safest for their work force. They considered the use of Fast Orange to be an employee benefit and allowed Loctite to invite prominent Hong Kong newspapers to report it. This article appeared in the New Evening Post (English translation of the name).

Permatex Aerobics OE Spec Kit

This double sided sell sheet gave technicians the information and OE specifications they needed to demystify chemical gasketing. The production of all these products was transitioned from the U.S. to China right before this educational promotion which contributed to a 25% sales growth during the program period. 

Permatex OE Spec Kit

Fast Orange Asia Launch Program

This program created in Hong Kong launched a multi-million dollar new product: Fast Orange Hand Cleaner! The program got two gallons in the thousands of auto parts, hardware and industrial outlets across the Asia Pacific region. The shop owner got 10 free samples to give to his very best customers with a choice of polo shirts or a free watch once he sold ten gallons. We were soon shipping container loads of Fast Orange to Asia! The product attained container load volumes in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia.

Permatex Cooler Promotion

This was a promotion Tom first launched in 1985 while a product manager for Permatex Silicones in the U.S. It made Ultra Blue silicone #1 in the US market in less than a year. When we brought this promotion to the Asia Pacific Region in 1994 from Australia to Korea the industry had never seen anything like it! We instantly sold container loads of silicone from the U.S. factory and sold it through distribution and onto retailers shelves! This was the second cooler promotion launching Loctite 599 Ultra Grey Silicone.

Permatex Cooler Promotion