Sales & Marketing

We build multinational businesses.  IMA can take over your International distribution business, increase your international marketing, expand it to over 80 International markets and drive your international growth at 15-50% per year.

We will create a ten year plan for the business focusing on a marketing plan that captures your best practices.  The plan will begin at end user demand creation activities and focus on building distribution channels for your products.  

We will provide professionally trained sales specialists who, in turn, will train international distributors on the latest sales and marketing techniques to grow your business. 

Finding the Right Way to Sell Internationally

 Article by Tom Muldowney about international business growth.  Click here to Download the PDF

Case Study

Loctite is a very international organization. Based in Hartford, Connecticut, it was doing business in the early 1960's in Europe before selling its first product west of the Mississippi. Our principal took the Permatex brand, which was largely unknown outside the U.S., to Asia. He and his team built it into the largest business for the brand outside the U.S.

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Testimonial from Meguiar's
"I have appreciated the tools you have put together for us to make promotion fun, and have used a lot of them for other sectors of our company with success."

Christiana Vatidis
Managing Director
Vatco SA

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