Hong Kong / Macau Distribution

We began our Hong Kong / Macau distribution business in June 2013 out of necessity:
  • We could not get enough selling time for our brands from our local importers
  • Our air fresheners business had a channel conflict
We have been astounded by the support we have gotten from over 100 auto accessory shops, 60 gas stations, and in Macau 29 supermarkets, all major gas stations, plus Yaohan department store.

We focus on:
  • Auto accessory shops
  • Gas stations
  • Hardware

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Anthony Wong

Sales Manager

Hong Kong

Shana Wong

Office Assistant

Hong Kong

Percy Mak

Logistics Specialist

Hong Kong


Our Retail Power:

Shell Station

Royal Supermarket

Auto Accessory Shop


We advertise regularly:


The press loves us:

Stoner Car Care in CarZ Magazine
HyperZpeed Magazine
Refresh Your Car! in CarZ Magazine

Automobile Magazine

Hong Kong's #1 Car Magazine


We are the only Hong Kong Automotive distributor that offers daily delivery!