China: Did You Know?

  •  In 2008, the number of cars in China grew 11%.
  • Tuning became legal in China on October 1, 2008. Before that date, it was illegal in China even to change the color of your car or modify it.
  • More people speak Mandarin than any other language on this planet.
  • China surpassed Germany to become the world’s third largest economy after it raised its economic growth estimate for 2007. The revised growth estimate for 2007 – from 11.9% to 13 %, the fastest rate since 1994 –raise the country’s GDP to 25.7 trillion Yuan, ($3.5 trillion) at 2007 exchange rates, the National Bureau of Statistics said. Germany’s 2007 GDP was 2.4 trillion Euros ($3.3 trillion) “Today’s numbers definitely raise the weight of China in the world economy, “ said Merrill Lynch economist Ting Lu. He said his calculations had already shown China passed Germany in 2007. “I think it will take only three to four years for China to overtake Japan as the second- largest economy." The U.S. is by far still the largest economy.
  • “Although North America is still GM’s number-one sales region, 2007 marked the third consecutive year that [they] sold more vehicles outside the United States than inside its borders.”


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